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Subject: Online Broadcast of Interview of Unwarranted False TRUTH 
Target: Mass Foolishness and 
Suspect: Apollo Quiboloy


Query and Response with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Query and Response with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy interviewed by ABC News New York.

Are you the Second Coming of Christ?
Why do you live in wealth and abundance?
Does God really speak through you?

Straightforward answers to straightforward questions most people ask the Appointed Son of God.

Pastor Apollo QuiboloyPastor Apollo QuiboloyPastor Apollo Quiboloy

ABC: Tell me your life story; you grew up in this area from a poor family?
PASTOR: I was born here (The Prayer Mountain). My parents came from Pampanga in the Island of Luzon up north. We are called Kapampangans. My father was very adventurous and amongst all of his siblings and families, he was the only one who came over here. This land was nothing in the 40s and 50s.
The Philippine President then was calling all the citizens to come over and invade this land and take some of the adventures, if they wanted to have home lots and land properties. My father took advantage of that and he ended up in this mountain. We were nine children in the family, I am the youngest and I was the only one born here.
We were in Pampanga in my formative years and after that we came back to Mindanao and I finished my high school here and then I went directly to a Bible College. But I practically grew up in this place. I learned two dialects and I learned both the Kapampangan and Visayan customs. This is why I am very familiar with the people’s customs here and in Luzon.
ABC: When did you enter the ministry?
PASTOR: I entered the ministry in the early 70s. I graduated from Bible College and went into evangelistic works. And after four years of evangelizing, I was called by the Lord God Almighty into a personal ministry like this. I did not understand it at first because all I had was denominational and religious mentality. That was what I read in the Scriptures like the calling of Paul, when he heard a voice; the calling of Moses, when he saw a burning bush. I knew that was just history and it’s only in the Bible until I experienced it.
ABC: It happened to you, when?
PASTOR: It happened to me when I was sent as one of the representatives of my organization to South Korea in 1973. That was when we had our two-week sojourn in South Korea with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministry. We went there and there was about a million people in the Yeouido Island of Korea. And in the last day of our two-week sojourn there, we had a ballroom service. That’s when a spiritual experience I did not have, occurred. I heard a voice; I thought I was just hallucinating or something like that. I heard it in a language I speak here, we call it Cebuano. I heard a voice [three times], it said, “Gamiton ta ka,” in English, “I will use you”. I was trying to look around who was this playing trick with me. I was the only Cebuano- speaking person there. Canadian and American young people were with me and I was the only Filipino representative. I was musing about that even when I went home, I asked the Father, “God, who is this?”
“Is this You? Or this is another spirit trying to trick me, because You are already using me. I am a traveling evangelist, a preacher. Why would You say You will use me?” I did not understand that. I had one spiritual experience after another that led me to one mountain, not here but in the south of this island, it’s called Mount Matutum. And the foothill of that is called Kitbog where I was for a year with the natives and with these questions in mind, “Who are You, what is this? Why am I experiencing this?
My colleagues and friends told me that I was going crazy because it’s unbelievable. But you know, I am not crazy. I kept those experiences and I am writing these spiritual experiences I had in a book. But then at the end of the year, I knew it was really God who was calling me. Just as Saul was called, when he was still a persecutor and became Paul the Apostle on the road to Damascus. He heard a voice and I don’t know if someone heard it too. But he asked the Lord, “Who are you?” And the Lord said, “I am Jesus whom thou persecuteth.”
ABC: What happened to you on April 13, 2005?
PASTOR: April 13, 2005 is a revelation I received from the Almighty Father that at that time, He has finished all of His spiritual works that He wanted to finish in man through me. So, if I can give you some insight of that, you know like the problem of sin that started from the Garden, when the devil said, [this is one of my questions], “you will not die, but you will become gods like Him knowing good and evil.” I had a revelation that it was the origin of sin. When our freedom of choice is used to interpret good and evil according to us, that is now the beginning of the life of sin in man because that separates him from God.
The devil was dictating man, “You don’t have to listen to God, you know what is good and evil. You can now interpret what is good and evil according to you. Go ahead, don’t mind Him”. So coming back to God is subjugating your will or your freedom of choice to His choice; focusing on His Will and subscribing to what He says about good and evil according to Him. That is what I understood. I accepted that. I made it a point that my life would only be dedicated to the Father’s Will and that is the signal that one man upon this earth who had a serpent seed is now free of it and God can use him freely like the first Adam who fell in the Garden.
ABC: So you believe that you have achieved that certain level of sin-free existence?
ABC: To the point where God in you to be the one to carry out His message? What did God tell you on that day?
PASTOR: Moses was in the wilderness for forty years. Paul the apostle was in the deserts of Arabia for 17 1/2 years. I was here for five years. After I have sojourned here for five years, after all of these revelations that I had received. I used my freedom of choice in following Him no matter what because it’s one thing to say, “I’ll follow You” and it’s another thing to be tried if you’re really dedicated and committed to what you’ve said. I proved that in five years and at the end of that I heard the voice of the Father once again telling me, “Now, you are my Son. I am your Father.” That is in the spirit. Revelation 21:7 is fulfilled right now in my life when He said, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things and he shall become my Son and I will be his Father.”
Adam and Eve at first were the first created Son [and daughter]. They lost the Sonship and the Kingship over the Father’s creation. Look at the earth today. When that is restored, Jesus Christ came to take back the Sonship and the Kingship that we lost. Once He has taken it by paying the price on the cross, He would look for the fallen Adamic race to restore it back again because they are the rightful heirs, since Adam and Eve are not here but we are their progeny. So He is going to look upon one of us to be able to receive this.
He gave the chance to the people in the Jewish Age, who are also descendants of the fallen Adamic race. He also gave the chance to the people in the Church Age. They were not able to finish that and the finger of appointment came to me when He called me in Korea and said, “I will use you.” then I have understood what He meant when He said that. So I accepted all of that and I was all alone in this mountain, persecuted, neglected and rejected. But I did not care because I knew I was in the Father’s perfect Will. But all this time, my freedom of choice was within me. I can step out of this place any moment. I can step out of God’s Will any moment to follow my will again, but I did not do that. I said, “I will finish this. I will follow Your Will no matter what.” At the end of that, He told me, “Now, you are My Son.”
ABC: Most Christians believe that they are the sons and daughters of God but you say you are the Son, you are the appointed Second Coming of Jesus, that’s what you believe?
PASTOR: In the denominational interpretation, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is a literal second coming of the Jewish body of Jesus Christ. Well, it did not happen even when these so called prophets in the Christian era were prophesying about that because they have the wrong interpretation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
If ever Jesus Christ would come back in His Jewish body, as they believe He will, what is He going to come back for, if man is not restored back to Him, because God’s residence is man, when man is still full of the serpent seed although he says he is a Christian?
ABC: Sir, He says in Matthew 25, “When the Son of Man comes in all His glory and His angels with Him, He’ll sit on a throne of glory, separate the goats from the sheep in the final judgment… two billion Christians believe that.
PASTOR: In the Church Age, even in the Jewish Age, they have a wrong interpretation of the Second Coming.
ABC: So they’re all wrong?
PASTOR: Well, if you look at it spiritually and if you listen to me and compare it, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ can be interpreted as literal or physical and it can also be interpreted as spiritual. For us in the Kingdom Age, first of all, it is spiritual. How can He work in us when we are still not delivered from the serpent seed, from our own will and when we have not yet surrendered to His Will fully. That’s why He has to choose each one of us in the Church Age. But there are so many factions in the Church Age: there’s the Catholic body, there is the Protestant body, there’s the Pentecostal body, the Charismatic body. They have all the different interpretation of these revelations coming unto them. But there’s only one spiritual work that the Father wanted to do in the spirit of man because He said, “God is a Spirit, those that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24)
These are the worshipers that the Father is seeking after. We are always looking for heaven that’s why we are always waiting for the Second Coming. We say, “Heaven is being prepared for us.” We’re happy to go there. We are happy, but is God happy? He cannot dwell in heaven made of gold. He wanted to dwell in us. How can He dwell in us when we’ve been high jacked by Satan Lucifer the devil from the Garden? So the restoration should happen first. If there is anyone of us that can become a son right now like the first created son, Adam, then the Father’s Kingdom of Heaven is already here on earth.
ABC: And… you are that man?
PASTOR: I am so glad that I am that man He has chosen, but I am not saying I am the only one. I am just the model. That’s why I’m spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom all over the world. Anyone who accepts this message and becomes sons and daughters will also be freed of the serpent seed of doing their own will, subjugating their will to the Will of the Father. They’ll become sons and daughters like me. That is the interpretation of being sons and daughters.
ABC: Do you perform miracles?
PASTOR: For me, the greatest miracle is the changing of the spirit within. I call that in the Spiritual Revolution, the dethroning of man’s will that has made man a god to himself and then changing that and enthroning God’s Will in your life within. That is the greatest miracle for me.
ABC: I just find it striking that maybe this is the most beautiful spot in the Philippines and it’s paid for by some people who live on two dollars a day. Jesus taught that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than a rich man to pass into the Kingdom of Heaven, that’s the word in three different gospels.So how do you justify your lifestyle? I mean your watch could probably feed a hundred families for a month…
PASTOR: Well, the lifestyle that we live is a lifestyle that all of the Kingdom ministry has proposed and has accepted, all of us. We are living in the Will of God as I told you. If this is not the Will of God, if anything of these is not the Will of the Father, He will not let this happen. Before you see me come into this level, this was not like this before. I was also living very poorly with all of the poor people for years and if the Lord’s Will was for me to stay there all the time and eat just like the poor people that I had around me, then, I would have stayed there.
ABC: …Jesus when He walked the earth, according to the Bible, lived among lepers and prostitutes…
PASTOR: I lived among them.
ABC: You have a private jet…
PASTOR: I lived among them before I had a private jet…
ABC: You own world compound with mansions…
PASTOR: Before this, I lived among these people and as I’ve said, if this is not the Will of God. Because our existence in the Kingdom as I said, if you want to come and be a member in the Kingdom, this is where you live with me everyday and we come into that level where the Father wanted us to be. Like for example, if you are telling me that you are a Christian and you wanted to go to heaven, do you know that literally if you would like to interpret heaven… heaven is… if I can interpret it to you literally, heaven is made of gold, of precious jewels. Its walls are jaspers and emeralds, are you willing to go there with that kind of a mentality that God is unfair because some of these people are going to hell?
If ever Jesus Christ would come back in His Jewish body, as they believe He will, what is He going to come back for, if man is not restored back to Him, because God’s residence is man, when man is still full of the serpent seed although he says he is a Christian?
ABC: Well, in the Christian’s idea of heaven, everybody gets a mansion. Everybody lives on streets of gold…
PASTOR: Every member of the Kingdom owns this. Every member of the Kingdom can come here. I have not stayed in one of those rooms [the Millennial Houses]. All the members of the Kingdom get to stay here, these are all theirs, even this property that was owned by my [biological] father, I have donated it to the ministry.
ABC: So we could go down the hill and gather a hundred of the folks who live in the village just down the hill and bring them up here and let them live [with you]?
PASTOR: We have adopted so many families. I have adopted three million children. I am feeding them everyday. I have the Children’s Joy Foundation. Before I came, these people were already poor. The Lord has blessed me and everywhere I go, as I said, these blessings are distributed to all of the people that would come and subscribe to this ministry.
ABC: I think if you were to do that, you would increase your following ten fold. If you were to give this away and go live in a hut like you just described… [with you]?
PASTOR: This is where God brought me. As I said, if this is not the Will of God, I would not stay here for one minute. I would not live like this for one minute. But if it is God’s Will, like for example that jet that you’re talking about, did you know that in 1983, I had a revelation that the Lord was going to give me a jet? It is He who gave me that. If you are spiritual, you can pray to the Father and then the Father will answer you as He answered me.
ABC: I think a lot of people have that same revelation when they buy a lottery ticket.
PASTOR: That’s not lottery. I will tell you a revelation I had in 1983: I had not gone to Luzon because we didn’t have the resources. All the evangelistic crusades were all in Mindanao. I was in this certain place in Mangagoy, it’s just about five hours from here. I was preaching to all of the people as I did in my evangelistic work. I slept after preaching. I had a vision that I was riding in a jet. I had a crusade from Hong Kong and then I was going to Korea to have another crusade.
I was riding in my own jet in this dream-vision of mine. I did not even have a work in Hong Kong. I cannot even afford to go to Manila. I did not have a work in Manila, much more to have a work in Hong Kong, much more, to go to Korea to have a crusade and much more having my own private jet. You know that they became a fulfillment in 2009 and everything the Father has shown me has come to fulfillment. If it is not His Will, how can I afford that?
If it is not God’s Will for me to have these things I have, you can take it away. It is God’s Will that we follow. If it is God’s Will for us to live like this, you can have a broken heart looking at me but what can you do? Anything that is God’s Will… if He wanted me to live like a rat, if He wanted me to live in wealth or in poverty, it does not matter to me. Put me there and I’ll be happy as long as it’s God’s Will. But when He said, that is not my will, don’t put me there. If this is not God’s Will, any moment I would tell God even right in front of you, take this all away if it’s not Your will.
ABC: Amen. John 14:6 says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father but by me.” Jesus said that. You are man as you said, struggling evangelist from the Philippines. Why should anybody watching believe that you’re the way to salvation?
PASTOR: So you believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life?
ABC: That’s what the Bible says. It’s what lots of people believe.
PASTOR: Okay. For example, if you have a religion and my religion is saying, Jesus Christ said, I am the way the truth and the life. I would ask you, where is Jesus Christ? Why are you telling me He is the way, the truth and the life? How can I see Him? How can I find Him? How do you know the truth? Where can I find Him and you are pointing Him to me that He is the way, the truth and the life? How can I find Him? It’s easy to repeat John 14:6 that, Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. How can I find Him? What is the way?
This is not vague in the Kingdom. Jesus Christ lives within me. That is why I am His Son and He is my Father. I am His body. He’s my Spirit. That’s why when I tell you, I am the way, the truth and the life, I can point to you Who I am pointing to… Jesus Christ, my Father that lives in me. When you find me, you find Him because I will teach you His way and that way is God’s way. It is God’s Will. Can you say of any other religion who can point to me where Jesus Christ lives?
ABC: Well, plenty of people plan to be the Messiah and all of them…
PASTOR: All of them… all religions (have their own versions of a Messiah). The Catholic religion has a Catholic version of Jesus Christ. Is that the real Jesus Christ? The Protestant has a Protestant version of Jesus Christ. The Mormons have their own version of Jesus Christ.
ABC: But in almost all of those cases where there are exceptions, the leaders of those congregations, sell as the Messenger of God but do not claim to be God. You’ve taken it to the level that we find offensive.
PASTOR: How can you become a Messenger of God when you yourself don’t know where He is, how to find Him, and how to live like Him?
ABC: If God chose you to be the “One,” to be the Anointed Son, does that mean you live completely without sin?
PASTOR: Sin is categorized as not doing God’s Will. When you’re not in God’s Will, you are living a life of sin. When you are following your will, that is sin.
ABC: But sinful thoughts… anger, lust. Any of those things… you don’t experience those in the daily basis?
PASTOR: As a human being?
ABC: Yes.
PASTOR: I have already overcome all of those… In the five years that I was here (at the Prayer Mountain). That’s why all of that were settled in the five years that I was here.
ABC: So, you haven’t sinned in years?
PASTOR: I have not followed my own will in these years that I have been called His Son. I have followed His Will whatever that will is.
ABC: Okay. And I do have to ask just because it’s a part of the public record, there are families who claimed that you’ve kidnapped their children. There are people who’ve claimed you’ve used violence to grab land. How do you respond to those critics?
PASTOR: I’ve been interviewed about that. I have been interviewed so many times before you: the Philippine media, other media. I am here, a very law-abiding citizen. And if there is anything that I did that was against the law, you can always use the law against me. I am under the law. I am a law-abiding citizen. I am a God-fearing man. If there is anything that I did that was against the law, you can charge me… anytime.
ABC: But you have powerful friends…
PASTOR: My friends cannot do anything… if I went against the law, if I kidnapped somebody, what can my friends do? They cannot do anything. As I said, I respect man’s freedom of choice. If it is your freedom of choice whether it’s your daughter or not, it is her or his choice to be here, I cannot send her or him away.
ABC: So what would be the results if one of your followers, as you said they have a choice, choose to leave your flock?
PASTOR: They can go ahead.
ABC: …and go back in the world. What will happen to them for eternity?
PASTOR: Well, it’s up to them… if they follow their own will and they already knew the Will of God. It’s up to them as long as they knew…
AABC: Will they go to hell?
PASTOR: It’s up to them. They know that. So that’s your will. If you want to go to hell, no one will stop you. If you want to go to heaven and follow this way, no one will stop you too.
ABC: …but you must know that when you proclaimed that God has chosen you as the ‘one,’ that is really opening the door to so many comments. You must be prepared for that.
PASTOR: I’ve been prepared for that. I know what that entails. That entails so much controversies… so much persecution and I’ve been living through that all of these years.
ABC: The Catholic Church must really have you, right?
PASTOR: Well, the Philippines is a Catholic nation.
ABC: Have you ever had any discussion with them? Have they ever approached you?
PASTOR: I have bishop friends and I have many friends who are priests. Very surprisingly, they come to appreciate my message.
ABC: Really? That’s interesting. Have you ever been invited to speak in any other denominations?
PASTOR: I don’t think they want me.
ABC: That’s not surprising. ‘Coz you kinda’ blow up the whole thing… If you’re really Jesus Christ, that puts a pin in a lot of people’s belief systems.
PASTOR: One guy told me that… he said, “You have overturned everything we believed”. I said, “But if you have to look deeper into that, this is the spiritual work the Father wanted to do in man,” which is totally focused on His Will whatever that will is. We’ll follow it whether we understand it or not, as long as it is God’s Will, we are dedicated to that. That is what we’ll do.
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